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Who is David Wood and Empower Network Review

by Jessica Darty on January 23, 2012

David Wood launched Empower

Network with David Sharpe

In the month of October 2011 I was able to meet and hangout with the #1 recruiter in Online Marketing, legendary, David Wood and his lovely wife, Ashley Needles. David Wood has been marketing online for only two years and went from homeless living in his van, to a millionaire’s lifestyle of living on the beaches of the world (presently in Costa Rica) with his wife… which was no small feat.

David Wood Empower Network Review

David Wood’s Story

David Wood got involved in a well-known home-based business at a  young age…. He worked endlessly “Old School” style trying to recruit people, making orders for soaps, household items and fulfill orders from his home… and he had small success for a little while but after awhile things fell apart and he knew something else needed to be done… So he joinedd a network marketing company but this one he tried online.

"When I started my business online, I was not in a good situation.
I needed to make it work. I was broke, and homeless – although I
chose that situation, the reality was that every day of my life
was a struggle. Just as an example, one day my wife and I were
hungry, and my brother Jonny and I lifted her up to grab a
breadfruit from a tree.  She started to slip a bit and we dropped
her, breaking her foot. It was a small break, but we had no
insurance and had to use government medical assistance to
get her to a doctor – the doctor didn’t give her a cast,
and the break wouldn’t heal. I made her a cast out of
card board and pieces of wood that I dug out of a trash
can, and she hobbled around on a make shift cast and a
walking stick until her foot healed – somewhere, I have
a picture and I’ll dig it up and show you some day – the
point is, I know what it’s like to struggle. I remember
not having money for food, the shameful feeling of
borrowing money from my Parents over and over again, and
walking around a deserted business street looking for any
job that would pay me, no matter how menial the task.
When I got started, and made a decision – I took action
all day and night. I can’t tell you what courses I went
through, because I don’t remember – it got lost somewhere
between writing an article at 4am, making a phone call to
a craigslist lead, and making a 200 slide sales
presentation while trying to love my wife the best way I know how."

Realizing “Old School” cold calling isn’t very productive in the 21st Century, David Wood learned how to market online with Attraction Marketing, while his lovely wife, Ashley Needles, supported his vision and sought employment to meet their necessities. David slaved over 18 hrs a day learning FTP skills, how to blog, configure plugins, setup social profiles, keyword research, target marketing, so on and so forth.

During David Wood’s online marketing training, he learned to reinvested what monies he’d make… He got involved with many affiliate companies and programs that provided small amounts of additional incomes… and overtime produced abundantly. This allowed David Wood the opportunity for multiple streams of income. As his skills progressed, he started making thousands upon thousands of dollars by simply applying the education he had received from his training. Even today, David Wood reinvests his money into products, education, and training… and now, he is the number one online recruiter for his Primary Company and all the affiliate companies with which he is involved.

David Wood Empower Network Review

"I didn’t ask my sponsor for anything – no webinars, no tech support – nada. –
I was marketing, making videos, setting up blogs, and writing reviews. While
other people took their money and spent it - I took it and put it all back
into the process, and I can say one thing - that I have outworked almost
everyone I know. It works. I started making $5,000 a month, and then
$10,000 a month, and then $30,000 a month, and more…"

David Wood got sick!

After-a-while, "There was too much
‘buy this to get the results that you want‘,
and too much knowledge required to get started..."

Everyday normal people, who work a job, have a family, would struggle getting started with online marketing… David Wood wanted to do something about it! Every man should be free to live their lives without being enslaved to making money for someone else.

Two years ago, prophetically, David Wood’s Google+ profile read, “Life is good, as they say, and looking to get better.  In this blog, I hope to empower you to reach unlimited levels of success with your company, and to raise the bar in the world of Network Marketing all together.” Little did he know…. he was embarking on a great journey that we are ALL now able to prosper from along with him.

“I decided to take action building another empire in the personal development industry – and since have become a well paid and successful marketing coach within the Network Marketing industry.”

The simple reality is that people hate chasing prospects – and David Wood has studied and studied for this day… the day he and partner, David Sharpe, would launch the Empower Network, a 100% commissions affiliate program.

David Wood & Dave Sharpe have partnered and launched Empower Network(EN) October 31, 2011 and given away almost $3 million dollars

Ask yourself this, and be honest – who do you know online that makes a REAL full-time income part-time?

David Wood Empower Network Review

Nobody… a few? Well, let me introduce myself and my husband, Kris Darty, who are exceeding full-time income with online marketing through the Empower Network. Since embarking on this journey with Empower Network my husband, Kris Darty, has made over $10,000 and myself over $4,000 with the Empower Network and many, many other people are making full-time as well as part-time incomes since their launch- two months ago!!!!
This affiliate program is changing online marketing as we speak….Empower Network, in less than three months, is gets around 500 million unique hits a day. They have given out over 2.7 million dollars to people just like you and me and they are about to be the first affiliate program who has given the most money away— ever! Empower is growing… will you grow with us? The Empower Network site has STATUS with Google and gives an individual far more potential to

succeed financially online than a person starting from scratch with their own blog or a standard business webpage. The Empower Network has  Alexa WORLD Traffic Rank of 1,111  United States Flag and USA Traffic Rank of 341.  So the likelyhood of your blog posts being seen is much more probable than if you started a blog today without this platform. Whether you are writing about hobbies, posting a diary online, advertising a home-based business or different affiliate programs through this blogging platform it is a great way to make money strategically and yet (possibly) by accident :) Simply, BLOG, TELL OTHERS and MAKE MONEY!

The Empower Network promotes itself with banners on the top of your page and on the sides… allowing the luxury to blog without the pressures of having to SELL… It’s also designed to capture your leads for you to assist you in closing your leads. To make commissions, you just have to get people to your links and if your lead decides to join after viewing the advertisement video (put together by Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe) YOU make the sale…. YOU get the 100% commission from the sale. The experts sell for YOU and you make the money!!   What a BLOGging platform! My husband and I have seen it work for us and our team— If you join our TEAM today… we will supply you with our FREE Training website, in addition to the Intense Training that Empower Network provides to its members.

David Wood Empower Network Review

Exclusive BONUS: This is worth hundreds of dollars, with the secrets short cuts the gurus use to be successful online. For the beginner and intermediate alike…you will learn something! We want to see you succeed! This added advantage is absolutely FREE, but only to the next 10 people that join our team!

PLUS, we’ll put you in our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP- exclusively and ONLY available to our team members.

The cost for Empower Network is $25 a month and has 100% commissions given directly to you upon resale… What are you waiting for? Aren’t you excited?    ~~ You sell one, you break even… just one!    ~~   Everything else is 100% PROFIT!
What are you waiting for? Hundreds of dollars of additional training exclusively for our team. In addition, you’ll being able to connect on a personal level with other people doing the same things through our PRIVATE Facebook Group for Members Only.
THE EMPOWER NETWORK is changing affiliate marketing… and it’ll change your life, especially when you break even your first sale! Get in TODAY! Let’s make this happen!

David Wood Empower Network Review

David Wood and partner, Daivd Sharpe, launched the Empower Network only 2 months ago and gave out $2.7 million
are you going to be the next million?

"There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures."
-William Shakespeare




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